Need an energy boost?


It’s no surprise this new mama lacks energy. While, my love for coffee goes without saying, it’s nice to have a healthy breakfast that gives me burst of energy.

I am on a new journey to happy and healthy life. So, recently I’ve been making smoothies for breakfast. I’ve researched recipes that would help with my lack of energy. If you too are looking for a healthy pick me up you have to check out these recipes. Below are my top 5.

My top five boosting energy smoothies

1Energy Smoothie


  • 2 tbsp cocoa powder
  • 1 banana
  • 2 tbsp peanut butter
  • 1/2 cup of ice
  • 8 oz Greek yogurt
  • Dash of cinnamon

Blend until smooth and sprinkle dash of cinnamon on top for extra flavor.

2. Banana, Almond Milk, and Matcha Energizing Smoothie


  • 2 frozen bananas
  • 1 cup of romaine lettuce
  • 2 cups of almond milk
  • 1-2 teaspoons of matcha powder
  • 1-2 teaspoon of honey
  • Dash of cinnamon

Blend until smooth. You can replace matcha powder with brewed green tea. I love the matcha powder because of its earthy smooth flavor! It’s so delicious something that’s becoming my new favorite has been matcha latte. You must try it!

3. Chocolate Coconut Chia Smoothie


  • 1 cup ice
  • 1 cup coconut milk
  • 1/4 cup cocoa powder
  • 2 tbsp chia seeds
  • 2 scoops of protein powder
  • 1/2 frozen banana
  • 1/2 cup of kale

Blend and enjoy! This is so delicious. You can substitute coconut milk for almond milk.

4. Fruit smoothie

  • 1 cup of pineapple, chopped.
  • 1 medium orange
  • 1 cup raspberries
  • 1 medium banana
  • 1 cup almond milk
  • 1 cup crushed ice

Blend and enjoy this fruit packed smoothie!

5. Tropical Bliss smoothie

  • 1 mango, peeled and cubed
  • pint of blueberries
  • 1 banana (frozen or fresh)
  • 1 teaspoon of maple syrup
  • 1 cup almond milk

Again, you can substitute with your choice of non-dairy milk -almond, soy, or coconut are recommended. These energizing smoothies are a healthy way to start your day! Enjoy

What are some of your favorite smoothies?



Happy Mama, Happy Baby

Self-care is not something I thought about before becoming a mama. It’s just something I did. I would get my hair and nails done, relax on the couch after long, rough day. I would pluck my eyebrows…the list can go on and on. These past nine months, I forgot what all that was like. I thought it was normal to just give all of yourself to this little person who requires ALL of your attention. I was literally spreading myself thin.


The happiest day of my life

As a new mom, I worried about how to do everything for my baby. The constant anxiety (especially after her breathing episode), the exhaustion, sea of hormones, and spending every waking minute with her was all catching up. I felt unhealthy, lonely and resentful at times. (gulp) I never thought I’d feel this. I love my baby girl more than anything in this world. But I was slowly just fading away. I don’t remember the girl I was before.

Many friends told me that I need to stop, and take care of myself first. And it made sense, I just felt so guilty about it. There were a few nights in the first few months that we got to sneak away for a few hours. I honestly couldn’t enjoy my fancy dinner date because all I wanted to do was be home with her. And then there was the mom guilt creeping in. “Why I should I deny my baby nursing sessions just for a night out?” I started to wonder how all these mommies have it together so well and have perfect schedules to go out and let loose. While I envied it at times, I was also perfectly content at home cuddling and nursing my sweet baby. I begged for time but the reality was, when I actually got some free time, it was hard to enjoy because of my mom guilt. I’m slowly working on this. (baby steps)


Yesterday, my husband, Eric,  surprised me by taking the afternoon off and treating me to lunch and a manicure. It was amazing! He took Chloe for a stroll as while I got a much deserved mani.

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Daddy and Chloe Grace (9 months)

I sat there as the ladies at Amber Day Spa pampered me. I know that a One hour manicure doesn’t seem like much, but it was so dreamy, and more importantly, I felt recharged. I was so excited to see my baby girl afterwards.

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Mamas, it is so essential to practice self-care. When you are not getting enough sleep as a new mom or even as a seasoned mom (because let’s face, we are never really sleeping again).

I waited to long to put myself first. Recently, Eric has been helping me make a plan to myself first. At the moment, that means he takes Chloe for an hour in the AM while I sleep in, or go to the gym or just take a shower. We are working on creating a schedule where I can fit in time alone at the gym, yoga or pampering sessions. Also, maybe a monthly ladies night?

It’s easy to let your self go, to be all consumed with your new baby and wanting to do it All. But eventually it could lead to physical illness, anxiety depression and ultimately, not being able to manage and care for your children. Just like your children need self-care, love, and sleep, so do we! Self care should be a priority.

What is self-care anyways? It’s simply caring for yourself. Doing the things you love, caring for yourself, and just taking time to relax. That could be reading book, going for a walk, yoga, meditation, dinner with girlfriends, or spa time. Trust me, this is so important. Don’t wait as long as I did. Ask your friend or mom, neighbor or speak to your husband. Start with even just 10-15 minutes. When you are settled in a routine with baby, you can work out a Day that you can go to yoga class or have a monthly date night.

For me, just one hour of pampering was all I needed to feel recharged! I’m starting small, but at least I’m taking a step in the right direction. Next, making a schedule to get regular workout routine with my husband.

Are you a new mom? What is something you have done for yourself recently? What do you do to recharge? Any seasoned mamas want to give us you advice?

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Thanks for stopping by! Stay tuned for more baby training. We had a few bumps and are starting again.



Day one: Sleep Training

I knew that becoming a mama would not be easy. I wanted to be a mama for as long as I can remember. So I read, and read and read to try to prepare myself. But, oh darling, there is nothing you can do to prepare for motherhood. Nothing prepares you for sleep deprivation- not even your college years. And, absolutley nothing prepares you for watching your child cry it out.

I was told that I’d never (never) sleep the same again. I’m sure I believed them at the time. I just assumed they meant the first 3 months. Silly ol’ me! Let’s just say it’s been a pretty rough stretch as I mentioned in my last post. I felt my body was slowly slipping away. I couldn’t find the energy to do even the simple things.

Last night was day one of our sleep training. And I was already trying to come up with reasons on why we should push back a day or two. Thankfully, my husband didn’t allow me. We put Chloe down while she was still awake. It was only 10 minutes after her feeding (I know they say 20 mintues, but baby steps for us.) and she was groggy. She was down……for about an 40 minutes, and then it began! She woke and immediatley started crying and screaming. Around the 2 minute mark she was screaming bloody murder. It was heart wrenching and it was killing me (yes, it had only been 2 minutes). Around 3-4 minutes my tears began to flood my face. I was doubting what I was doing, asking God if this was right or not. I felt like the worst mama in the world. As my husband tried to comfort me, I just sat there wondering how long I could do possibly do this. My mama insticnt was to run up there, wrap her in my arms and kiss her profusely. But, I didn’t.

My husband went up first. He tried patting her and telling her it was ok. Her cries were painful to hear, even for my husband. Chloe was crying so hard she could barely catch her breath. He decided to pick her up and try to calm her. We decided in that moment to take the more gradual approach. There was no way we could just sit there and watch her cry that intensely and not grab her. We did this pick up and put back down a few times. Each time her crying began to lessen (thank the lord). Around 1 and 1/2 hours later, she was down. Still sobbing in her sleep. (breaking me piece by piece)

I understand, we can be doing this all wrong by what the “specialist” say. But, pick and put down method worked for us. This was the first night she didn’t sleep in our bed. Did I still have to wake up to give her the paci a few times, yes! I’m ok with that. She went rest of the night with just one feeding at 2am and up again for paci at 3am and then up at 5:15am. So did I get much sleep, not really. But I do see a light at the end of the tunnel.

We are new at this and just taking it one day at a time. I have to say, we could be doing this all wrong, but our baby is upstairs at this moment napping in her CRIB for the first time without me runnning uspstairs to grab her. This mama made herself a hearty oatmeal and fruit brekky, and had time to write to you. It’s been 2 hours and she has not woken once. chloslee.jpg

This is the first time EVER since the day we brought her home that I have had two hours of total free time. (ugh, does this mean I will not have an excuse to do the lanudry?) That is a small WIN in my book. I see a few glimmers of hope this morning. Thank you Lord for hearing my prayers. This will not last forever. So look out world! Mama is getting her energy back to conquer the world. I see pieces of my life that were broken down right will soon be back!

Until then, I raise my coffee mug to all of you mamas going through sleep deprivation. We’ll get through this together. From one not sleeping mama to another, we got this! One day this will all just be a memory.

Keep sending prayers and words of encouragement!



If you want to read more on this method. Again, I am adjusting wherever I need to. Just listening to my babies needs.

Pick up, put down method

Cry it out

When I first heard that term I had no idea what it really was. I just knew I’d never let my baby cry it out. Isn’t funny, there are so many things we say we will “never do” before we have kids. I never thought I’d be here talking about sleep training Chloe. I know this can be a very touchey subject for many parents. But, here we are desperate for some sleep.


My daughter, Chloe Grace, was never a good sleeper from the time we brought her home from the hospital. I’m not sure if it was because I was so sleep deprived and my many failed attempts to swaddle her were not up to par with hospital swaddle.


Chloe Grace, 1 day old

I also had people tell me that I held her too much. Let me just say, I’m a firm believer in the “babies can’t be spoiled too much”.  Yes, I rocked, bounced shushed my baby and whatever else I needed to do. I was a new sleep deprived mama just doing what I had to do. I don’t regret it one bit.

Before I new it, Chloe was in our bed (She despised anything but our bed) and loving it! She made her place and after many attempts to get her to sleep anywhere but our bed, I just gave in. (I will just be honest here, I actually love this bed sharing gig. It’s just the waking thats killing me.)

At this point, Chloe was waking 2-3x a night. I figured I could manage this. I would wake up feeling somewhat rested. That is until the 4 month sleep regression hit. It was closer to 5 months for her. After a few weeks her sleep quality gradually deteriorated. She was waking around 4-6x after her last feeding, which was 10pm. So naturally, I was deteriorating. Of course teething, shots, and mental developments were all happening around the same time which did not help the current situation. The last 4 weeks (yes, I said 4 weeks) Chloe has been waking up, not just fussing, but crying, full blown sobbing and screaming. It’s heart wrenching to not be able to comfort her. I felt like a bad mama for not helping her get the sleep she so despertley needs.

I’m a stay at home mama, so when daddy leaves for work I literally just want to cry. And I do cry. There are noIMG_5600 breaks for me. I do feel fortuante to have my mom come over and visit us. It’s amazing, I can use the bathroom for more than five minutes, maybe brush my hair and put a load of laundry in. Some break! I would love to have someone come even just for 1 hour once week (okay, maybe 2….3hrs.). I think it’s necessary for every mama to have time for themselves. To be able to pause and reset. (I’m currently working on this.)

On top of all this she recently went on a nap strike. (I can’t catch a break!) I recently had a mental breakdown. I was full blown, sobbing and crying alone on the floor. I talked to my husband and told him, ” I just can’t do this anymore”. It no longer was a discussion, we had to do this for my sanity, for my health, for our daughter, and lets be honest for our relationship. Sleep Deprivation was impacting all areas of my life. It’s no wonder they use sleep depreviation as a form of torture. I have slowly felt like I was dying. I actually laid in bed one night, and thought am I actually dying. My heart was pounding and I my body felt so heavy.

I have researched different methods and spoke to parents to get advice. Oh the world of google! I read up on so many reasons why I shouldn’t do this. Let me just say, whateve you have done or decide to do, there is no judgement. I honestly wouldn’t be trying this if I wasn’t slowly losing my mind. I mean this brain fog I’m in is much worst than any pregancy brain. Ultimatley, we will take what we read and advice we received and modify as needed. We are taking the lighter method route. I understand that this may take us closer to 9 days and that’s ok.  This is something we must do this to help Chloe learn how to sleep on her own. I know this will require persistence, perseverance, and patience to help her sleep on her own.

Did you chose to sleep train your baby? Why or why not? Any tips would be appreacited, or just your prayers.



Check out some of the links I found helpful:

Sleep training tips

Ferber Method

5 sleep training methods



Hello! My name is Vanessa and I’m so excited to launch this blog. I wanted to start this blog initially to document my motherhood journey. Captures photos and record memories of my precious Chloe Grace. But after connecting with fellow moms, I decided I want to create a sense of community- a place where we can connect, share, and grow! A place where we can be honest about motherhood.

Along with all things mootherhood, I will be sharing my journey to better health! This is super important to me. Truthfully, I never stuck to a diet for a long periods of time. So, I hope with this blog it will keep me accountable and stay on track.

I am hoping to inspire you in your journey in motherhood and health. We all need some motivation and encouragement along the way!

A little about me: I’m married to a wonderful man, Eric Scott. We recently celebrated two years of marriage. I am a new mama to a beautiful angel, Chloe grace (9 months) and step mom to two wonderful children, Sophia(11) and Brandon (13). We have a fiesty Chiuahua named CoCo. We live in Maryland and enjoy our family time together. We make it a priorty as well as our love for God. I hope you stop by and follow along and learn more about this beautiful crazy life of ours.

Please feel free to comment, give me tips or advice along the way.

Can’t wait to think, grow, and learn together.



Slow & Steady

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I’ve never been a runner, but a few years ago when I decided to lose weight, that’s exactly how I started- running. I must admit I have always been one of those yo-yo dieters, down a lot in weight only to gain it all back. It clearly hasn’t worked so well for me. After gaining 35 lbs while pregnant with Chloe, I just assumed it would all fall off with breastfeeding. Yeah, well that didn’t happen. I’m sure eating all those donuts didn’t help either. I am trying not to not be so hard on myself. I mean, I just carried this baby for 9 months! Well, it’s now been a little over 8 months and I think it’s time to push a little harder and start making goals for myself. (It has nothing to do with bikini season upon us🤣.) So, I decided I would join a few runs to build my endurance and keep me motivated in the gym. It’s always helpful to have goals to work towards. The Color Vibe was the perfect choice for my first run!

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetIf you havent tried it, you must! First it’s great for families. The kids went crazy. And I saw plenty of little ones too. (Next time Chloe Grace!) I definitely recommend glasses for the kiddos (you don’t want paint in their eyes). Second, who doesn’t love to jump into a mosh pit and be splattered with color while dancing to some reggaeton at 9am?! It was so much fun to turn into a unicorn 🦄. And, for those that are just looking for a little motivation, a run like this doesn’t intimidate the novice runner. Overall, I feel grateful to be able to get up, run and choose healthy. I’ve always been fighting to look a certain way or be particular weight but after having Chloe I realized I can’t keep thinking this way. I want to be a positive influence in her life. This more about how I feel on the inside. I want to mindfully create a healthier lifestyle for me and my family.

It’s pretty simple, you have a choice! And I choose happy and healthy to have a better life for me and my family. If you feel like youre lacking in your workout, get healthy goals. Just start by setting small goals. Sometimes, we make big goals we just cant accomplish  because of our busy lives. Small goals equals big wins! You got this!


Hope you follow my journey. This is just the beginning.

Happy Saturday Lovelies!





Survival Mode

Chloe has never been the best sleeper but up until 4-5 months were doing okay. Today, we are in survival mode. I thought the 4 month sleep regression was bad until now. She’s lifting herself up all the time, cruising and crawling. She is have big developments at this time, which is amazing to watch. It truly brings me so much joy, but this is not helping in my sleep through the night expectation. (I’m just asking for 4-6hrs of sleep.) We are up 4-6x now with tears and all. Mostly my tears. 

Many moms tell me it will get better, but almost 8 months later here we are. I dream of what sleep before baby was like. (And, yes, I am aware that I probably will never sleep the same again.) I am feeling so defeated as I try to comfort my baby. But, when she finally falls asleep in my arms, I can’t help but look at her and be overwhelmed with joy. A feeling washes over me that it IS possible I will get through this stage too.

Cheers to all the amazing doing the best they can! You are all doing a great job!




My sweet girl, Chloe Grace